Champagne CARBON Orange | Vintage 2008 | Signature Carbon Fiber Edition
Champagne CARBON Orange | Vintage 2008 | Signature Carbon Fiber Edition
Champagne CARBON Orange | Vintage 2008 | Signature Carbon Fiber Edition
Champagne CARBON Orange | Vintage 2008 | Signature Carbon Fiber Edition
Champagne CARBON Orange | Vintage 2008 | Signature Carbon Fiber Edition
Champagne CARBON Orange | Vintage 2008 | Signature Carbon Fiber Edition

Champagne CARBON Orange | Vintage 2008 | Signature Carbon Fiber Edition

A harmonious blend marked by its captivating, mature aromas of honey, toasted bread, and stewed fruits.

Experience a creamy effervescence that dances on your palate, offering a diverse bouquet of flavors, culminating in a delicately acidic finish. This vintage is not just a champagne; it's a rich symphony of sensory delight.

Bottle triple-layered with genuine Carbon Fiber.

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Embrace the Unconventional with Champagne Carbon

Step into a world of exquisite taste with our CARBON Blanc De Blancs Grand Cru Vintage 2015.

A unique creation that effortlessly marries tradition and innovation, offering you a tantalizing journey of flavor and sophistication. Indulge in the unconventional, embrace the extraordinary.

Why Carbon?

The taste of champions

Celebrate like a champion with Carbon Champagne, the former luxurious choice of Formula 1 elite, delivering an unforgettable taste experience

Indulge in the Elegance of Grand Cru

Proudly crafted with prestigious Grand Cru grapes. Our esteemed designation guarantees that only the most prestigious grapes are used, promising an exceptional taste experience

Craftsmanship Meets Luxury

The bottle is meticulously hand-wrapped with carbon fiber, mirroring the exceptional craftsmanship found in Bugatti supercars


Transform ordinary moments into a lavish tapestry of experiences. Whether it's a quiet evening at home or a grand celebration, this 2008 elevates any setting into a realm of extraordinary memories.


Best savored in the company of those who have a palate for the sublime. Whether it's a gathering of epicureans or an intimate dinner for two, this vintage is sure to deepen your connections.


A rich, mature profile that can accompany a variety of dishes. From the sweetness of a honey-glazed duck to the savory richness of a mushroom risotto, or even the smoky aroma of salmon, each pairing transforms into a culinary masterpiece, highlighting the gastronomic versatility of this exceptional champagne.


The first sip offers an elegant attack, where citrus elements are lovingly cradled by softer impressions of dried apricot and a whisper of toasted brioche. It's a finely-tuned prelude, reminiscent of the warm timbre of a cello.


As the champagne washes over the mid-palate, complex layers begin to reveal themselves. You'll find the rich, sun-soaked flavors of orange and clementine, enhanced by a delicate spiciness. The texture is buttery yet buoyant, much like the effervescent spirit of a carnival.


The finish is a grand finale of exquisite balance. Velvety textures give way to a refreshing crispness, as if each bubble is a tiny droplet of morning dew. A lingering aftertaste of candied citrus peel leaves a lasting impression, inviting contemplative sips as the evening unfolds.

The bouquet unfolds with an invigorating rush of citrus aromas, evoking a Mediterranean orchard kissed by the sea breeze.

Notes of tangerine and grapefruit mingle harmoniously with more delicate floral undertones, culminating in an inviting olfactory experience.

Grape Varieties:

27% Chardonnay; 2% Pinot Noir; 71% Meunier

12 years on lees

Sugar Dosage:

Tasting Notes:Harmonious and generous, this vintage captivates with an intense nose marked by beautiful maturity. Aromas of honey, toasted bread, and stewed fruits create a deep, fruity and spicy profile. The palate is balanced and dense, offering a generous range of flavors. Its creamy, fresh effervescence reveals a pleasing unctuousness, leading to a delicately acidic finish.

Food Pairings:Best served with hearty dishes such as roast duck, smoked salmon, or a rich, mushroom risotto.

Bottle Size:

Alcohol Content:

Aging Potential:
Up to 12 years

Each bottle comes hand-wrapped in a vibrant, textured orange carbon fiber. Presented in a luxury gift box, with complimentary shipping all over the United States.

96/100 International Wine and Spirits Competition IWSC

Distinctive Characteristic:
A versatile champagne, offering a complex flavor profile that complements a wide range of gastronomic experiences, making it the ideal choice for haute cuisine.

Celebrate Like a Champion

Champagne Carbon made its official return to the Formula 1® Grand Prix podium from 2017-2019.

This partnership was perfect as both share a similar story of heritage, pursuit of perfection, and a desire to innovate.

The carbon-coated Champagne Carbon bottles, which use the same type of carbon fiber as Formula 1 cars, were sprayed on the podiums of the world's most glamorous circuits.

The podium celebrations feature bottles with unique markers for each of the top three drivers, with Gold for the winner, Silver for the second-placed driver, and Bronze for the final podium finisher.

Frequently asked questions

Champagne Carbon stands out due to its meticulous production process, use of oak barrels for fermentation, and the innovative carbon fiber bottles. The brand emphasizes the pursuit of perfection and innovation while respecting traditional champagne-making techniques.

The carbon fiber bottles used by Champagne Carbon represent the brand's innovative spirit and its connection to high-performance industries like Formula 1. The bottles are coated in carbon fiber, which is lightweight, strong, and visually distinctive.

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